We’ll Publish Your Book and Give You 20% Royalty

We are looking for great writers who want their works published and we are willing to publish well-written, finished works in standard American English format. As a limited-time service to potential authors, we not only offer free publishing, but will offer a 20% royalty to the author if the manuscript is accepted.

We will publish good, well-written manuscripts in paperback and/or Kindle versions. This free offer to get your book published is limited so get your manuscript to us today!

Here’s How It Works…

We are an established publishing company and have published the works of over a dozen different authors. Although we provide full publishing and marketing services, we also offer quick-and-easy publishing to authors with ready-to-go manuscripts. If your manuscript is chosen we will also provide you with a simple cover if you don’t already have a cover design.

Dust off all those unpublished manuscripts from your hard drive and get them to us!

Here’s How To Qualify…

1. Must be in Microsoft Word and formatted to our specifications. (We will send you precise formatting specs. if your manuscript qualifies)

2. Must have a table of contents and chapter headings must be clearly defined when we receive the initial manuscript.

3. Manuscripts must conform to standard American English.

4. Must be longer than 40 pages, preferably longer than 70 pages.

5. Must contain author’s name and personal email contact information.

6. Must have a copyright notice that proves you have the copyright to your manuscript.

7. Must have run the manuscript through Copyscape or a similar plagiarism program. Results that prove absence of plagiarism should be attached. Plagiarism IS NOT tolerated (we run our own checks, but will instantly dismiss a manuscript without your copy of a plagiarism proof).

6. No pornographic or X-rated manuscripts.

Send the manuscript to…

Send your manuscript to elle@doubleportionpublishing.com.

Put “20% Royalty Offer” in the subject line.

If your manuscript is accepted by our publishing team, we will promptly send you a publishing contract.

This is a limited time offer and we are only accepting a certain number of manuscripts, so get yours to us as soon as possible!